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Planning Sheets

To request a planning sheet for an academic year not listed below, please email

Current Planning Sheets are available by clicking on the degree heading.

College of Business

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

For more information on the College of Business, click here.

College of Education & Human Services

Elementary Education

(Early Childhood-Middle Childhood)

Dual Education – Elementary & Special Education

(Early Childhood)

Special Education

(Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence and/or Early Adolescence-Adolescence)

Secondary Education

(Early Adolescence-Adolescence & Early Childhood-Adolescence)

Elementary Education

(Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence)

Dual Education – Elementary & Special Ed

(Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence)

Human Services Leadership

For more information on the College of Education & Human Services, click here.

College of Nursing

Traditional Program

Collaborative Nursing/BSN@Home

**For Students with an ADN**

Accelerated Nursing

**Students must have a Bachelor’s degree**

**The UARC does not advise Accelerated Nursing program students**


For more information on the College of Nursing, click here.

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Majors, Minors & Academic Departments